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the hobbit behind the scenes, Cate Blanchett (Galadriel)

A lot’s happened to all of us in the last 12 years. And you think, "Have I polished these memories? Have I made them more special than they are?" And when you walk on the set, you think, ”No, it actually is special.” It actually is incredibly special.

What a  t a l e  we have been in, Mr. Frodo, haven’t we? I wish I could hear it told! And I wonder how it will go on after our part.

LotR stills  2-?


Liv Tyler by Paul Lange (1993)

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“But he who dares not grasp the thorn 
Should never crave the rose. - Anne Brontë



isn’t it weird that you can have friends but also have no friends at the same time

In Finnish there’s a kind of a distinction between this. “Kaveri” refers to a casual friend who you can hang out and have fun with, while “ystävä” is a friend who you can have deep and meaningful conversations and a strong connection with. Because we Finns have to make this distinction to not give a wrong impression when saying “I’m his friend”.


we’ll go down in h i s t o r y

remember me for c e n t u r i e s

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The Dale Set for The Hobbit


Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the Skywalker family was not how easily they tended to fall to the dark side, but how they eventually returned to the light

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